4 Vital Cyber Security Checkpoints for Businesses | Cybriant

Whether you’re managing a small business or growing into an international powerhouse, cybersecurity constantly changes and challenges your resources. Consider these cyber security checkpoints to keep your business fully defended.

Cyber Security Checkpoints

New threats, old threats, complacency, and normal wear and tear can expose and damage the tech superiority you need to stay ahead. A few core concepts like these cyber security checkpoints can help you keep an eye on the biggest dangers to your systems, and may even help you open a few new lines of business.

#1. Enhanced Malware Defense

Any random anti-virus suite won’t cut it. While there are many brands and methodologies used to defend systems against a growing list of common threats, businesses must be more vigilant.

#2. Network Hardening

Hackers shouldn’t be able to roam free on your network, but your users need some restrictions as well. No one, including the top leadership, should have unrestricted access with no logging.

#3. Social Engineering Training

Not all cybersecurity threats are digital in nature. If someone can trick your team into giving them access to your system, malware or clever code exploits aren’t necessary.

#4. Backup Planning

There is no such thing as a perfect defense.

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